Travelling to Kerry enjoy a visit to the beautiful Muckross House and Gardens, which can be enjoyed on foot, by bicycle, jaunting car, bus or car as the area is well laid out to accommodate all visitors. For those longer to explore further you can enjoy a full circle walk along Killarney’s beautiful National Park.   Stop off along the Park at Dinis Cottage to enjoy the views of Killarney Lakes and maybe take a boat trip back from Dinis Cottage.

Enjoy the wonderful tree and plants in Muckross Gardens and especially beautiful are the many Rhododendrons tree on the gardens, with lovely sitting areas looking out of the lake or under trees for shade on the Summer days, great fern and rockery areas.  There is also a  café and very well stocked souveignr shop on Muckross grounds. Also to explore is the Muckross Farms to see what farming involved in the 1930’s.






More Parks and Gardens in Kerry: